Apple Pie LightningRock Town Apple Pie

Moonshine Made Right!

Grandaddy used to make a little lightning every now and then and mix it with apple juice and cinnamon to make it sippable.  Now you too can have Grandaddy’s Apple Pie Arkansas Lightning.  Smooth and delicious.

Handcrafted from our own Arkansas Lightning and a blend of all natural apple juice, cinnamon and other spices.  40 proof.



Cocktail Recipes

Apple Pie on the Rocks







Ginger Apple Pie

1.5 oz Apple Pie Arkansas Lightning

Ginger Ale

Combine Apple Pie lightning and Ginger Ale in a tall glass of ice.  Stir and garnish with a lemon.






Apple Pie Martini

1.5 oz Brandon’s Vodka

1.5 oz Apple Pie Arkansas Lightning

Combine Brandon’s Vodka and Apple Pie Lightning in a shaker full of ice.  Shake until ice cold and strain into a martini glass.  Garnish with a lemon or apple wedge.






Apple Pie and Cola

1.5 oz Apple Pie Arkansas Lightning

In a low ball glass combine Apple Pie Lightning and Cola.  Stir and garnish with a lime wedge (or apple wedge).