Brandon’s Gin

Our gin is handmade using a copper potstill, one small batch at a time.    What makes our gin special is the mix of botanicals we use and the technique we use to infuse the flavors in the spirit.  Our botanicals are all natural and carefully selected, measured and vapor infused into the spirit during distillation.

Vapor infusion is a method by which the botanicals are placed in a perforated basket and spirit vapors are passed through the basket during distillation.  The vapor infusion process gives our gin an amazingly fresh aroma and a wonderful taste, without the juniper overpowering the other botanicals.

After distillation our gin is bottled by hand with each bottle hand signed and numbered.



Awarded a “Double Gold” medal in the San Francisco World Spirits Competition held on March 18-20, 2011. (Beating Beefeater, Hendricks and Tanqueray)



87 – Beverage Tasting Institute, Chicago, IL – Clear. Aromas of tarragon, sweet grass, juniper jelly, and honeyed lemon peels with a silky dry-yet-fruity medium body and a vanilla cake, slate, and pepper accented finish. (tasted on Jul-14-2011)


Named one of “The Most Outstanding Spirits of 2010” by

“Brilliant crystal clear. The nose is simply beautiful showing a complex blend of aromatic spices that range from scents of citrus to caraway with juniper and ginger notes. The palate concurs with the nose as the silky and full spirit gives life and dimension to the aromatics. Floral, vibrant and zesty with a soft pepper note on the finish. A great martini Gin with style and charm. ” –






Bronze Medal – 82 – Ultimate Spirits Challenge, March 2011